Benefits of Custom Drapery in Your Home

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One of the simplest ways to transform your space is through custom window coverings. Adding window treatments to a room can have many benefits, from creating privacy, to sound reduction, light control and let’s not forget that it softens the look of your space by adding warmth and style!

Design Excellence :: Benefits of Custom Drapery in Your Home

Here we are going to breakdown a list of benefits custom window treatments can have in your home:

Design Excellence :: Benefits of Custom Drapery in Your HomePrivacy

Privacy can be a huge concern especially when it comes to your home. As amazing as windows are for the view and natural light they allow into our homes, there is also the concern of if I can see out people can see in.

Whether you have a gorgeous view in the country that you don’t want to lose or your condo in the city directly faces another building, there is a solution.

If you are looking for some privacy but still want to let in the natural light, a great option would be to add Sheers with Drapery Panels to your windows. The Sheers can be closed throughout the day to let in the natural light while still maintaining your view through the open weave fabric. Fully closing the Drapery Panels at night provides you with additional privacy.

Sound Reduction

Soft furnishings in a space help reduce the amount of sound or noise that travels through a space. With homes being built with higher ceilings and open concept layouts sound travels a lot further. Adding soft window coverings will help control the amount of noise throughout your home. As well as help reduce noise coming into your home from a busy street or kids playing.


Draperies provide very good insulation value. By keeping your window coverings closed in the summer you can keep the sun out and help keep your home cooler. This is also helpful in the winter to keep your home warmer. Adding a liner to your draperies can also help with keeping your home more insulated against the windows.

Design Excellence :: Benefits of Custom Drapery in Your Home


Light Control

Having draperies in important rooms such as the bedroom helps you control the amount of sunlight. Adding a blackout lining can completely darken a room, which is beneficial for people who get morning sun – and like to sleep in!

Draperies with blackout lining can also be beneficial for a child’s bedroom in the summer, as the sun sets later.

Design Excellence :: Benefits of Custom Drapery in Your HomeSun Damage

Window coverings are also helpful to prevent damage to furniture within the home. Continuous sunlight beating down on your sofa and area rug all day can damage and ruin the fabric and durability of the product. Having draperies or sheers to close throughout the day can help prolong the life of your favourite household items.

Style and Warmth

Let’s face it, adding custom draperies to a room creates a warm comforting atmosphere and a touch of luxury. When they are custom made for your home they are just the right height, width and style!

Simple blinds can often make a room feel more commercial or sterile. However choosing custom draperies allows you to create a feature out of your window – almost framing it with soft gorgeous fabric!

There are many fabric styles to choose from. You have endless options when it comes to colour, patterns and material. Finding just the right fabric to coordinate with your personal design style is the icing on the cake! You also have many choices for the type of pleat style that you want for the top of your drapery and how you want it to hang from the hardware. There are also many options for hardware, with different metal or wood finishes and shapes/designs for finials or end caps.

The Finishing Touches

Draperies are an amazing option for window treatments in your home. They have many benefits such as; Privacy, Light Control, Sound Reduction etc. They are also completely customizable and are perfect for showing off your home and your own personal design style.

If you’re looking for a professional interior design company to help you with new window treatments trust the experts at Design Excellence! We’ve helped many families with their homes and they tell us that they love working with us! Let’s connect to see how we can help co-create your beautiful home!

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