Planning Your Renovation

Undertaking any renovation can be a daunting task but with these tips and the help of a professional you will be well under way to creating your dream home  – or at least a home that is functional, lovely and a good investment. Planning is the key to any successful project and renovating is one of those projects.

Design Excellence :: Planning Your Renovation

Have a Plan

  • Your professional design team will create the Scope of Work based on what you the client is looking to do. Your contractor and design team will help you create this document and it will encompass the rooms/spaces and details you want included in the renovation and who is responsible.
  • Do you have a preference for certain materials? Did you see a fabulous counter top you want to incorporate into your kitchen renovation? Create a list of what you want this renovation to include whether it’s a whole home or just a Kitchen. You want to have a plan or idea so you know what you are getting quotes for.
  • When you have a plan the contractors quoting the job will be quoting on the same type of work. A quote for purchasing and installing marble tile will be drastically different than porcelain tile. You want everyone to be on the same page.


Design Excellence :: Decide on a BudgetDecide on a Budget

  • It is important to have a realistic budget in mind when entering into a renovation. And sharing this information with your Professional Design Team (PDT) is critical. Renovation costs have been on the rise. Speak to a professional to get a realistic estimate of current costs. PDT aren’t looking to spend your entire budget, they want to “give you the biggest bang for your buck”.
  • If they are working without a budget they won’t know when you are reaching the end of it and you risk spending all the budget before all work is complete.


Hire a Professional Team- Architect, Interior Designer and Contractor

  • Each of these professionals does very different things and the best way to have a renovation go smoothly would be to hire all three.
  • Always ask for references – professional companies will always have references for you and have no problem sharing them. Most contractors and designers will have previous clients who let you walk through their finished homes to see they type of work that they can do.
  • Architect – An architect will create permit drawings. They will also ensure that the appropriate mechanical and or electrical engineers stamp the drawings and send them for permits.
  • Designer- A designer will help you make the hundreds of decisions that need to be made before the construction starts. This keeps your project on time and on budget. They will make sure all your finishes are functional and work together throughout your home for a perfectly finished space. They will save you both time in running around and money in the long run.
  • Contractor- A good contractor will get the job done the right way, the first time. You can receive endless quotes from contractors that are all drastically different in price but as a general rule in this industry, you get what you pay for. The cheapest quote isn’t always the best and neither is the most expensive. Follow up with references and visit a previous clients home or current job sites to get a feel for their work.


Sign a Contract

  • Your home is your largest investment you want to make sure it and you are protected. Always sign a contract with the professionals you hire to work on your home. Ensure they have proper insurance coverage.
  • Contracts will outline what everyone is responsible for. Things they should include are: payment schedule, timeline, potential penalties for missed milestones, and details on all the work, etc.
  • When the scope of work or job changes, new contracts should always be drawn up and signed by all parties involved.


Design Excellence :: Timing Your Renovation is ImportantTiming

  • The timing of your renovation can be key, you wouldn’t want to plan to start a full house renovation in the middle of January, or rip your kitchen out in December just before the holidays. Like most things, timing is everything.
  • You want to plan your renovation at the most convenient time for you and your family but also keep weather in mind when planning a project with exterior work.
  • The best timing for a kitchen renovation might in the Spring or Summer months, when you can cook and eat outside. A full house renovation can be done throughout the winter but if you’re doing any exterior work your house will be exposed to the elements for a period of time, you wouldn’t want this to happen during a February snowstorm.
  • Renovations notoriously run over their schedule deadline, it is always best to plan ample time to complete your renovation projects.

Hiring the right professionals will guide you through the daunting task of renovating your home. They will assist you in creating the dream home you have always imagined!

Call us at Design Excellence to help you plan your renovation and to keep you on time and on budget!

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