The Truth About Thread Count

When it comes to bedding there are a lot of misconceptions about what makes good quality sheets. A high thread count is often mistaken for soft, good quality sheets. Thread count is measured by the number of threads woven into one square inch of fabric. Thread count is calculated by the number of threads woven Horizontally “weft” and Vertically “warp”.

Design Excellence :: The Truth About Thread Counts

Single Ply Vs.Two-Ply Vs. Multi-Ply Products

The ply is the number of yarns in each singular thread. Single Ply threads have one strand of yarn per thread. Two-ply threads have two strands of yarn per thread, while multi-ply threads contain more than two strands of yarn per thread. Typically the more strands there are per thread, the lesser the quality of the thread. One or two-ply threads create the best quality fabric.

Due to marketing misconceptions many companies have confused retail customers. These marketing campaigns have led people to believe the higher the thread count the better quality of the sheets. However most sheets that have thread counts in the 600-1000 range are made from two-ply or multi-ply threads. They weave these threads into 400-500 Thread Count sheets but then multiply the number by 2 because they are made from a two-ply thread, thus the overall count ending up being much higher.

Some bedding manufacturers will also boost the Thread Count by using fabrics with thinner threads producing low quality sheeting. When using a good material the thread strands are stronger and thicker meaning less will fit into the square inch of space resulting in a lower thread count. Thicker strands are more durable and will be more resistant to the daily wear and tear on your bedding. Overall choosing to go with lower Thread Count is usually a better option than picking something higher.

Design Excellence :: The Truth About Thread Counts

Components of Good Quality Sheeting

Bedding companies are allowed to label their product as “Egyptian Cotton” even if it only contains 1% of Egyptian Cotton, you always want to purchase a set of sheets that say 100% Egyptian Cotton and if you can obtain sheets made with Giza cotton these are the absolute best! This also explains why there can be a large price discrepancy between the two as it depends on how much Egyptian Cotton each type contains.

Another important component in determining good quality sheeting is where the product is woven. Italian and Portuguese mills offer the best quality sheeting because of their history of weaving. They are the most experienced and skillful of the weaving process, they source the best cotton and have the best technology.

Design Excellence :: The Truth About Thread Counts

The Bottom Line

Thread Count is the third and equal component to making great sheeting. If you purchase sheets made from 100% Egyptian Cotton and woven in Europe with a Thread Count over 200 you will have exceptional sheets in the end. Anything below 200 Thread Count typically is a rougher and not comfortable material. Thread Count in the end comes down to personal preference and as explained above it is an important factor but not the only one to consider when selecting great sheets. Great quality sheets get better over the years!

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