Three Tips to Designing the Perfect Mudroom

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Thinking of incorporating a mudroom into your home? Consider this prior to embarking on the construction of this worthwhile room.

Location of the Mudroom
Storage Needs

Design Excellence :: Three Tips for Designing the Perfect Mudroom


With a new school year just around the corner one thing we brace ourselves for is the mess of backpacks, endless shoes and coats for everyone and every season. A well designed Mudroom is the perfect solution to transition from outside to inside, to functionally hold all the items that would otherwise be scattered around the home.

When designing a mudroom consider this:

Who will be using this space? Is this a space just for the kids to hang up their backpacks after school? Or will the whole family be using this space? What about our furry friends? Where do the leash and food/treats get stored? What about a shower/tub for your pet?

What will the space be used for? Is this just a place to store jackets, backpacks and boots or will it serve other purposes? Is the Laundry Room also sharing this space? Do you want a sink or maybe a small dog shower in the room? In the planning stages you must plan for plumbing and electrical before you begin constructing this space.


Is there a room in your home on the main floor that does not get used? If it’s close to an entry from the side, back or garage of the home this might be the perfect spot for your mudroom. Perhaps the only spot for a mudroom is in your front foyer. In this case some stand alone cabinetry units might do the trick.

Storage Needs

What type of Storage? You can never have too much storage. Are you someone who wants everything tucked away behind doors or in drawers. Or are you ok with having open shelves and keep everything organized in baskets? Do you need a bench seat so that young or older family members can sit down while putting their boots on? Will coats and backpacks be hung on hooks or hung up behind closed doors? Don’t forget to consider the storage needs of boots, shoes, hats, mittens, umbrellas, coats, keys and mail.

Benefits of a Mudroom

  • Helps keep you home organized and clutter free
  • Creates a transition space from the outside world to inside
  • Ideal space to include with your Laundry Room
  • Can offer ample storage for items that may not currently have a home
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