Who Should You Hire First: A Designer or a Contractor?

When people are thinking about starting a home renovation project, they start looking for interior design experts and general contractors to potentially work with. But in cases when you’ll need both types of service, who should you call first? Well, we’ve been asked that question plenty of times so here’s our take on who you should hire first: a designer or a contractor?

Design Excellence :: Who Should You Hire First: A Designer or a Contractor?

Understanding What a Designer and Contractor Do

It’s important to understand that an interior design professional and a general contractor have very different skillsets.

A designer is skilled at envisioning what a space could look like and drafting up the right plans to make it happen. A good designer will work with the homeowner to fully understand what they’re looking for in their new living space. Some homeowners have a good idea of what they want, and an experienced designer will know the right questions to ask to help the client fill in any missing details. The designer will add some inspirational ideas and suggestions so the client ends up with a better design than what they had originally imagined. Once the design is settled, the designer will create professional plans for the new living space.

General contractors then get involved to execute the designers plan. That might include tearing down walls first before they can start building the new space. The services that a general contractor typically provide include plumbing, electrical, carpentry, replacing windows and doors, drywalling, installing new cabinetry and millwork.

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So, Who Should You Hire First?

It is our humble (and quite possible biased!) opinion that the first person you should hire if you’re taking on a home improvement project is a designer. Designers not only help you get a clearer understanding of what it is that you’re looking for, but they’ll help you develop a plan to bring your vision to life.

But the expertise of an interior design professional goes much deeper than just making a room look good. As much as interior design is an art, there’s also a science to it. Your designer will think about the traffic flow in a room, how usable the space will be, and if there are any structural considerations that need to be addressed.

There’s even more than meets the eye to things like choosing great colours for your new room: the sun’s light is different in the morning than in the afternoon so how much natural light a room will get and what time of day that light comes will affect your colour choices.

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The Finishing Touches

Hiring a designer before you hire a general contractor is the best way to approach a home or office remodelling project. A desinger will spend the time to understand your vision and add their experience to make sure you get a great living space that is both functional and beautiful. Once you’re sure you know what you want, a general contractor can come in and make it happen.

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